RSS feeds can help job searching


RSS feeds can help job searching
Job seekers can utilize RSS feeds to augment their search efforts.

Traditional wisdom states that to find a job is itself full-time work. Although this process can become very time consuming, there are tools that people can use to make their job searching less laborious.

Whereas people involved in a job search frequently utilize a wide range of websites to browse for positions and bookmarks to save their favorite sites, these individuals can reduce their efforts by using RSS feeds, according to an opinion piece published in The Daily Muse on February 24.

Almost every website that lists jobs allows a candidate to save job searches and add them to an RSS feed reader such as Google Reader, the media outlet reports. For example, job seekers that want to subscribe to the RSS feed at Craigslist can simply click on the large orange button on the bottom of the page. As long as a candidate has an account at Monster, he can make a job search done there into an RSS feed. CareerBuilder offers candidates various tools to assist in their searches, including feeds developed for different types of jobs.

Job seekers can obtain additional efficiency by organizing their employment search feeds into categories. Many candidates have a skillset that would qualify them for multiple roles, so separating these roles would help a job seeker to stay organized. Applying to jobs that have similar expectations and requirements can help the candidate to get into the right frame of mind to pitch his qualifications in the right way, according to the news source. Focusing on the same types of positions will reduce the learning curve, allowing candidates to identify common traits in the roles.

If a candidate has a particular company that he is targeting, RSS feeds can help him by providing regularly updated information of job listings, the media outlet reports. The company that a job seeker longs to work for may have a RSS feed for its openings.

One benefit of RSS feeds is that they can be accessed from anywhere the user has web access. People can search for jobs while on the train, sitting at a coffee shop or while waiting in line. People can even access their RSS feeds while at the job that is motivating their search, according to the news source. While scanning, candidates can highlight or bookmark the positions that are appealing, and then go back to the listings when they are ready to apply.

Another useful tool that job seekers can use in their search is Google Alerts, according to Business Insider. These alerts are can save a person time by automating search efforts. A candidate can specify a search query such as "marketing manager + Boston," then identify how often the searches should be done and how many results should be displayed. The resulting information can be received through a RSS feed reader or through email.

One major benefit of setting up a Google Alert is getting information on jobs before anyone else, the media outlet reports. A person interested in certain roles at a specific company could set up a search that says "Wells Fargo + financial writing job" to hear about roles of this nature at the bank as soon as they are listed on the internet.

Candidates can also utilize these alerts to stay up to date on the latest news on the companies that they want to work for and their respective industries, according to the news source. This can prove helpful when a job seeker is interviewing with a firm, as being informed will improve his job prospects. 

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