Social media job search tips


Social media job search tips
Social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter provide job candidates with many tools for their employment searches.

Candidates seeking gainful employment in a tough labor market need to utilize any resource they can to find a job, and the proliferation of social media has presented these applicants with more tools they can use to find the next position.

One social media platform that can help job seekers find their ideal position is Twitter, which offers candidates opportunities to connect with potential employers.

The website has an application called TweetMyJobs, which can bolster the efforts of hiring managers and applicants by helping these market participants find referrals, according to The platform helps job seekers by sending them information on job opportunities via text messages.

Newark, New Jersey, and Atlanta, Georgia, have both created local affiliate websites to help people looking for jobs in those specific areas obtain the referrals that could help them land a role.

Several states and cities in the U.S. are creating similar sites, Robin Richards, chief executive officer of TweetMyJobs, told the media outlet.

"Jobs are a local issues," Richards stated, noting the 35,000 open jobs in Newark and 82,000 open positions in Atlanta, according to the news source. "We know these open positions exist. We're creating a platform for mayors to shed light that they exist."

Another social media platform that can help candidates find a job is LinkedIn, but users of this website should be aware of several caveats when performing a search for employment, according to U.S. News & World Report. Users need to be diligent about creating a profile that will attract hiring managers and convey the perfect personal brand.

One important practice to follow is to make sure that the profile is 100 percent complete, as this provides hiring managers with more of the information they need to pick out the ideal candidate, the media outlet reports. Job seekers should not hold back on filling out all the categories, as failing to complete the profile will only hinder job search efforts.

Candidates using LinkedIn should also make sure their profile has an appropriate headshot, according to the news source. The photo used by the candidate should be clear and should convey confidence and a positive mindset, the media outlet reports. Candidates should be sure to refrain from using personal photos that would make them seem less professional.

Designing an engaging profile headline can certainly serve as a boon to the search of an applicant, according to the news source. This headline can be seen below a person's photo in search results that are viewed by hiring managers, and presents job seekers with the opportunity to grab the attention of whoever is viewing the profile. A statement headline should articulate the skills that the applicant brings to the table and how he contributes to the goals of his ideal employer.

Using an approach like this can seem far less generic than merely listing the candidate's current job position, the media outlet reports. Candidates should be sure to put something in the headline, since it often serves as a "first impression" to hiring managers and recruiters who are looking at applicants by searching LinkedIn.

When working on creating an ideal profile, job seekers should be sure to utilize the right keywords when filling out all fields, according to the news source. Implementing this strategy makes it easier for employers to find the applicant. Candidates should avoid utilizing words such as "motivated" and "problem solver." Data provided by LinkedIn indicates that the single most overused phrase is "extensive experience."

Applicants should be sure to utilize the aforementioned tips to generate the best results when job searching

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