Staying positive during a job search


Staying positive during a job search
Staying positive during a job search

Failing to find a job after an extended search can be very discouraging and even cause you to question your skills and qualifications. With the reality of an 8 percent national unemployment rate and 3 million job openings according to the Department of Labor, job seekers need to understand how to take a positive approach during their search. Following a survey of nearly 1,000 hiring professionals, Aerotek examined the results to provide advice to address common complaints often heard during a job search.
Common Complaint: I am not qualified enough.
Aerotek’s survey found the majority of hiring managers (86 percent) are willing to compromise to get the most essential attributes in a candidate. So go ahead and apply for positions of interest, even if you are not completely qualified. Hiring managers do not always expect candidates to have every requirement; therefore, highlight your key skills that are most integral to the position. Focus on what you can bring to the position, and how the respective company will benefit from your hiring.

Common Complaint: I have been job searching forever.
Searching for a job can be a full-time job itself. Just like hiring managers, you too may have to compromise. First, set your own expectations around what you are willing to accept in regards to your experience level and preferred pay. Second, ask yourself if your technical skills can be applied in another industry that is experiencing significant job growth, such as manufacturing, professional and business services, healthcare, hospitality or education.

Common Complaint: I will only accept a permanent position.
In today’s job market, it is necessary to think outside the box when looking at your employment options. Today’s workforce is made up of many non-traditional workers and many employers are choosing to hire temporary employees rather than committing to a full-time worker. Staffing firms hired 11.7 million new employees last year, of which 8 million went on to find permanent work, according to the American Staffing Association.

Common Complaint: My lack of experience always burns me.
Do not worry if your experience doesn't quite add up. According to Aerotek’s survey, the largest percentage of hiring managers (32 percent) are willing to sacrifice experience level as opposed to technical skills, which is most important to 56 percent of hiring managers. So promote those technical skills in lieu of your work experience.

Common Complaint: I’ll never make it through the interview process.
Be prepared for a more lengthy screening process. One in four hiring managers report they have increased the number of steps in their screening process and 27 percent prefer that candidates interview with multiple team members. Remember that with each round of interviews, you are one step closer to a potential job offer and effort on the front end will hopefully be rewarded with employment in your desired industry.

For more information on Aerotek’s survey of nearly 1,000 professionals involved in hiring, click here to access the full survey results.

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