The holiday gift: a permanent job


The holiday gift: a permanent job
The holiday gift: a permanent job

With the holiday shopping season approaching fast, retailers and shipping companies are preparing for the barrage of shoppers and new orders that come every year by hiring temporary workers. And if these temps play their cards right, they could find themselves with a permanent job come 2013, Fox Business reports.

The National Retail Federation predicts retailers will hire between 585,000 and 625,000 temporary workers in the next few months - a major increase from last year. Other reports say the total number of temps could grow as high as 700,000 through Christmas.

This seasonal hiring could very well lead to permanent positions, considering last year Target held onto 30 percent of the workers it hired. This shows the huge potential temporary employees have to find a job in a permanent capacity.

According to the news source, temps can increase their chances by taking advantage of their situation and following a few tips to help them succeed.

First and foremost, is is important to know who to impress. When working at a new position, seek out who the decision makers are, who does the hiring and other important figures. Once known, simply showing enthusiasm about work and demonstrating necessary skills could put you on these important officials' radars.

As always, it is important to bolster your network as much as possible, according to executive coaching blog Dr. Woody.

"Every person you interact with on the job is a potential gateway to another opportunity. Take the time to make meaningful connections with the co-workers, vendors, and customers you interact with and follow up with new introductions. Never take anyone for granted - you never know who they may know and how those connections can help in the future," the blog stated.

The latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that hiring in the professional and business services sector, which includes temp employment, remained on the plateau it has sat on for much of 2012. 

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