The programming skills you need to get hired today


The programming skills you need to get hired today
The programming skills you need to get hired today.

The demand for software designers has never been higher than it is today. Whether it's a small startup looking to improve its website or a major corporation that needs to overhaul its intranet, coders have become a staple position in most businesses, even outside the tech world. 

As the range of roles for programmers to fill has continued to expand, so too have the most in-demand computer programming skills, ranging from basic HTML to complex mobile application logic. So if you're looking to construct lines of code that would be the equivalent of computer poetry, make sure you're well versed in the most in-demand skills expected of coders in today's world. 

According to ReadWrite Enterprise, while it's true it seems the most in-demand skills are always changing, by looking at the most commonly listed skills on job postings on, researchers have found that there are certainly some skills that companies desire across the board. Considering the job site has roughly 16 million postings, the most common computer skills noted here likely reflect a good portion of the country. 

Coming in at the top of the list of the 10 most sought-after coding skills was the Python programming language. The general-purpose coding system is highly versatile and is regarded as one of the most clean and efficient forms around. Despite its simple nature, it can still be found among Google and NASA, and is the primary code used by Dropbox. 

Perl made the list next, and although it rose to prominence in the 1990s for its unique ability to boost the quality of computer graphics animation, it has since taken off in other forms. Because it incorporates aspects of several other languages, it can be used to accomplish everything from web development to system administration and desktop applications.

At number eight, the long-standing C programming language is still one of the most prevalent. Considering it is the base of many operating systems, it will likely stick around for some time, too. The relatively new C# made the list at number seven, and since 2000, when it was developed by Microsoft, it has become a competitor to Java. The markup language XML made the list at number six for its ability to define structured information in several scenarios. Without it, there would be no RSS or XHTML, and AJAX interactivity with JavaScript would be very different. 

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At number five, the descendent of C, C++, is still one of the most widely used languages for creating desktop apps, game development, hardware drivers and several other functions. While it is also known for being highly complex and at times convoluted, it is still one of the most important codes out there. 

JavaScript, which makes the web an interactive place, was rated at number four. As mobile devices continue to take the place of personal computers, JavaScript is said to be more important than ever. 

HTML came in at number three, and for good reason. This code is the kernel of every webpage, and the heavy adoption of mobile devices isn't expected to change. As HTML5 rises, many see the hypertext markup form of the code as one of the most important to the web. Java, which Google uses as the basis for Android, earned its number two spot, and will likely stay in demand for a while, the news source stated.

The most in-demand skill among computer programmers is widely acknowledged to be the language of SQL. Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine stated that SQL Server developers "lead charmed lives," as their skills are in high demand and their job prospects are even better than they are for other programmers.

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