Tips for gathering information on company culture


Tips for gathering information on company culture
Tips for gathering data on company culture

A firm's corporate culture is important, and job seekers can use specific strategies to explore this variable.

The corporate culture that a firm offers is just as important as compensation for applicants who are job searching, and candidates can use specific strategies to gather the information that they need about the office environment.

Around 1,000 key officials from major businesses attended the annual Great Place to Work(R) Conference held in Atlanta during the last week in March, according to a release. These market experts affirmed that corporate culture is a crucial component of profitable businesses.

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg finished his keynote speech by stating that "if your people feel passionate, dedicated and loyal about their work, it will pay off in great business results."

Corporate culture is not something that can be quantified, as it is defined by the general mindset of the company, as well as more subtle factors such as dress code and the day-to-day activities of a firm, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Brad Brummel, Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology and assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tulsa, has stated that this ambiguity often causes applicants to decrease its importance, the media outlet reports.

"Because it is so hard to define and measure, people often overlook it in accepting a job. Also organizations hide the worst parts of their culture during recruiting," Brummel told the news source.

Brummel adds that corporate culture permeates all of the firm's activities and that adequate due diligence requires using more resources than just the company website, according to the media outlet.

One good way to start is to use social media platform LinkedIn, the news source reports. An applicant can check the company profile that exists for this social media platform to see if the firm has any common connections. A job seeker can then reach out to these applicants to see if they can provide information on the firm's culture.

Another strategy that can help a person who is job searching gather information on a potential employer is to set up Google alerts for the company, according to the media outlet. This tactic can help an applicant to obtain notification any time the potential employer is mentioned in the news. A candidate can also set up one of these alerts for the chief executive officer of the firm, and potentially the person's would-be boss.

Candidates who are job searching can use these tips to obtain the information they need on the corporate culture of potential employers.

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