Tips to get you going on writing a better resume


Tips to get you going on writing a better resume
Tips to get you going on writing a better resume

No matter what kind of job you're applying for, there's a good chance you'll have to submit a resume, making it one of the most important aspects of your job search that should demand the utmost attention, Business2Community reports. 

What's more, because resumes are standard across the board, creating one that is truly unique and stands out from the competition can be a difficult task. But considering these documents typically serve as the first impression you make at a company, it is worth spending the time and effort to make it the best that you can. Here are a few tried-and-true tips for crafting the ultimate resume that doesn't steer too far from a traditional layout, but definitely gives it the necessary pop. 

The first rule to follow is to keep your resume simple, the media outlet stated. Keep the mantra "less is more" in mind. Your resume shouldn't look like a daunting legal document, but rather a readable, engaging written depiction of everything that makes up who you are and why you'd succeed in any given position.

To keep things concise, make sure you are very specific in anything you choose to divulge. Overuse of generalities, while traditional and safe, will make you seem like just another applicant among a sea of thousands. If you can, throw in some numbers and hard facts about your previous jobs - contributions to earnings, awards based on quantitative measurements or other facts. 

Keywords are fast-becoming one of the important aspects of resume writing. As more employers use automated resume scanning programs, if you don't have the right keywords, you'll sadly be flying under the radar. Most of the time, the desired keywords will be in the job description itself. As a rule of thumb, stick with keywords that are nouns, also, according to the news source. 

It may be tempting to use a single, template resume for every job you apply for, but this could be a costly mistake. For every job, make sure to take the time to tailor the resume to mirror exactly what a particular job position calls for. 

According to Forbes, one of the most overlooked parts of resume writing is proofreading. After you've looked through it several times, ask a family member or friend to look for any grammatical errors or typos. You can never have too many sets of eyes look it over, but one mistake could send your resume to the trash. 


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