Top tips for Millennials to use while job searching


Top tips for Millennials to use while job searching
Top tips for Millennials to use in job searching

Millennial workers have long been joining the job market in increasing numbers, and will soon represent a hefty chunk of the U.S. workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 40 percent of the country's workers will be from this generation by the year 2020. However, when looking to improve their job search abilities, these hopefuls should follow certain advice to help put them ahead of the pack.

One advantage that Millennials have can be in their preparation. Nearly 60 percent of younger workers will customize their resumes and cover letters for specific positions, according to Next Gov.

Still, that may not be enough to ensure they reach a desired goal, according to Mashable. In addition to customizing applications for specific positions, Millennial job seekers should focus on creating resumes that work as job descriptions, as compared to simply explaining previous positions they've held. No matter what their experience has been in a given field, accomplishment and action verb-driven descriptions should be their primary goal to better capture a potential employer's attention. In addition, experts told the news source that it's important for proofreading and summary statements to remain in focus - the former to remain as professional as possible, the latter to show seriousness about the position in question.

If Millennials find they don't have enough job experience that they feel comfortable applying for jobs, they should attempt finding work through a staffing agency. Contract work will not only give them industry-specific experience that they can use in the future, but many frequently expand into full-time positions with a job well done.

Treat an interview like an exam
While almost 70 percent of Millennials spend time practicing and studying before an interview, according to Next Gov, it's imperative to dedicate a large amount of time to researching the company in question. It's strongly advised that job seekers visit company websites and related news sites to research products and mission statements, as the knowledge they gain in the process may give them an edge.

Preparing for the interview itself can't be stressed enough, according to Mashable. Often, Millennials who don't land the job in question find they should have prepared answers to potential questions that could have been derived from the job description itself. Considering what skills from recent jobs can help make them appear a stronger candidate, as well as creating examples of projects or duties that are relevant to the position in question, can help them stand a better chance when it comes time for the real deal.

In addition, though following up after an interview is recommended, the news source advised evaluating how it went and what the strongest points of emphasis can be in any further correspondence. 

Networking a boon to chances
As many as 96 percent of all Millennials discuss the job search outside of traditional means, whether that means in-person or online networking, Next Gov says, which reinforces the importance of this part of the search. Youtern recommends that in preparing the networking process, graduates begin by researching common themes of the field, after which they should build examples of their skills in the field itself.

Once those important steps are taken care of, the networking process begins. Contacting industry processionals in a variety of ways is recommended, as they can be approached in real life, at industry-related events or through social media websites, but the news source stresses that a direct approach is avoided. Instead of asking professionals for jobs directly, they instead recommended that they should take a knowledgeable approach.

People are likely to enjoy discussing aspects of their work, and making oneself seem like a strong candidate will work in the long run. With an expanded network like this, it's much more likely that you'll be the first on the average person's list when they see an opening at their own, or a friend's, company. Staffing firms can also provide extra help here - by meeting industry professionals looking for strong workers in their fields, Millennials can boost their chances for work not only at the company they do contract work for but for like-minded companies looking for workers.

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