Upping your chances with temporary employment


Upping your chances with temporary employment
Upping your chances with temporary employment

Going through a recruitment or employment agency has proven to be a common and successful way to go about searching for a job, but to maximize your chances of finding employment, it may help to look at the job search from the viewpoint of the staffing company, according to New Jersey Live.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that recruiters work directly with companies. It is the staffing company’s responsibility to find the right candidate for the right available position, and work closely with firms to decide exactly what specific skills and experience are needed to fill whatever open positions are available.

Put simply, the job of a recruiter is to bridge the gap between the hiring company and the job seeker.

There are few tips job seekers can follow to improve their chances of finding employment. First, it is important to go to the places recruiters are found, which these days include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online social media sites. Remaining active in your alumni network is also a great tool to help you expand your network. Often, you can find these groups on any of these social media sites, which have information on meetups and other networking events.

So as you go about your job search, keep in mind how the recruiter views your position, and develop ways to capitalize on this knowledge.

Signing up with an employment agency can also ensure you steer clear of the so-called "resume black hole" dilemma, in which your application or resume gets lost in the shuffle and never makes it under the nose of a hiring manager.

One PBS report found that the best way to get noticed may be to bolster networks and connections, improving resumes and tailoring each cover letter to the exact position within a company.

"Research the company, know who you are writing to, what is his/her pain point, what is a solution, and then why you are part of that solution," wrote careers expert Nick Corcodilo for PBS. "Instead of the typical (useless) three paragraphs, I recommend a five to nine paragraph story."

Whether you're hoping for an "in" at a company or simply trying to get your resume noticed by an HR professional, an employment agency can often be a great tool during the job search. 

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