Using LinkedIn to get spotted by recruiters


Using LinkedIn to get spotted by recruiters
Using LinkedIn to get spotted by recruiters

Staffing agencies that scour through resumes and applications to find the best available talent are increasingly using social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to seek out passive job candidates who may have exactly what a certain company is looking for.

In recent years, LinkedIn has surged ahead of others to become the number one tool for recruiters, which has increased the importance of developing a strong LinkedIn page that demonstrates your talents in a subtle way, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The media outlet recently outlined four of the most-used tactics recruiters employ to find hidden talent.

Generally, recruiters are on the hunt for people who have a strong grasp of the diction used by their clients. This is often accomplished by performing extensive keyword searches across a wide swath of LinkedIn profiles. The news source stated that LinkedIn users should use the same keywords that would be found in relevant job postings. These keywords should also be used to tell a story about yourself, which can be done by working them into the summary and experience segments of your profile.

This trend has grown even more popular as more sophisticated search technologies are now able to weed out long lists of keywords that were once bundled together.

The news provider also makes a note on the need to demonstrate your ability to command the respect of your peers and supervisors. LinkedIn members can promote this attractive quality by ensuring their recommendations are for very specific qualities, such as the job seeker's skills, activities and accomplishments. Recruiters say they are especially fond of recommendations in which a supervisor describes an instance when a worker went above and beyond what was expected, or how a single project may have had a major influence on the company's bottom line.

"Get people who know your work to recommend you, and make it easy for them to do so," wrote Arnie Fertig, founder of "For example, you might say, 'Dear ABC, could you write a recommendation for me that talks about how long we've known each other, when we worked together, and my involvement in the XYZ project?'"

Fertig added that it is important for the writer of the reference to discuss exactly what it was about the nature, quality and results of your work that made it particularly outstanding.

Recruiters also keep a keen eye for experts and thought leaders in their field, the media outlet stated. Often, headhunters will secretly take part in open forums and discussions to observe who outshines who in industry discussions and debates.

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way recruiters and job seekers interact. While intense and highly specific changes are great, it is also important to remember the little things, Business 2 Community reports.

According to the news source, something as simple as having a complete profile could be the difference between a recruiter stopping on or passing by your profile. Because of the close relationship between Google and LinkedIn, having a sound profile could result in your profile being one of the top results in a Google search, provided there is enough strong content to grab the attention of the search engine.

Joining groups is also a strong way to get your name out in the LinkedIn community. Thousands of groups exist, and joining them has proven to be a great way to get your name or brand out in the ether and under the nose of recruiters. 

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