Veterans can use resources both real and virtual while job searching


Veterans can use resources both real and virtual while job searching
Veterans can use resources both real and virtual while job searching

While military veterans can find readjusting to civilian life after years in the field difficult, their efforts in finding work will be easier than ever in today's modern climate. Current unemployment rates stand at 7.3 percent, down 5.5 points from 2012, according to NBC News. In approaching the job search in certain ways utilizing new knowledge of technological advantages, veterans can find their way into the workforce with no problems at all.

One of the key ways for veterans to boost their chances when trying to find a job comes from technology and the Internet, according to Mashable. Between work in the field and staying connected with friends and loved ones back home, veterans frequently have a wide knowledge of recent tech advances by the time they arrive home. Applying that knowledge to the job search takes little effort and is vital, considering that more than 90 percent of employers look for their next hires online, and developing an online persona is the first step.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the big three websites when it comes to finding a job, and each can play an important role in the overall search effort. Each has its own role in the search - employers will look into candidates' personal lives on Facebook, personality and interests on Twitter and professional experience on LinkedIn. As a result, each should display exactly what a potential boss would like to see, which means Facebook needs to be respectful and clean, Twitter pages need to display technical knowledge from the field and LinkedIn needs to represent previous work experience to the best of one's ability.

Use the possibilities to your advantage
Social media is meant to create a foothold for veterans' job searches, giving them a way to boost their results on search engines like Google, but they're nowhere near the only option available to help their job searching. Blogging, for example, can be used as a way to prove both experience and personality in the job search. Not only can stories from the battlefield and overseas shine a light into a veteran's experience, but they can give proof of their skills and abilities learned and developed in the field. From stories that illustrate their ability to overcome adversity to those covering their special achievements in the field such as any awards won, hiring managers will love to see this extra effort. In addition, veterans can also find advantages in turning to staffing firms, as their experience and abilities can be tailored to a position that's perfect for their skills.

Online tools can also help to build a portfolio of skills learned and developed in various fields, from leadership ability to software skills, depending on what their field specializations are. Once again, any achievements earned are more than welcome in this situation, while they can also display different skills and abilities previously learned. Employers will also love to see them because it gives them an opportunity to review potential candidates on their own time, not during a specific time frame.

Technology isn't the only option
Of course, technology isn't the only way veterans can find new opportunities. Many websites are devoted to helping veterans better explain their skills, list different employers who focus on hiring former military workers or help them find real-life resources like job fairs to further bolster their possibilities in the field. Employment agencies, too, can provide ample help in their efforts, as they'll have dozens of clients looking for experienced and hard-working employees. In the process, not only can veterans gain important experience, but they can hone their skills for future efforts as well.

One such way to find help is from the American Legion, which frequently hosts job fairs around the country to help out as many veterans as possible. Companies like Verizon frequently make showings at these places, according to the Legion's website, and even have their own job search tools. Between Internet tools like these, renewed online efforts and help from hiring firms to give them a start in contract positions, veterans have nothing to fear when searching for work.

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