Want to find a job? Start with your resume


Want to find a job? Start with your resume
You should check your resume before applying for a job.

Finding a job can sometimes seem like a significant challenge, but it does not have to take on such a negative connotation. Experts contend that for those looking to find a job, there are a number of ways potential candidates can stand out in a large hiring field, some that are far less difficult than you would think.

Resume Tips

It is absolutely essential that your resume have no grammatical or spelling errors in it. You should proofread it multiple times to ensure that you are submitting a resume and cover letter that illustrate how you are a detail-oriented worker who will rise to the challenge in any environment.

Additionally, most job experts advise those endeavoring to find a job to avoid writing lengthy resumes. Unless you are a seasoned professional with decades of experience and loads of achievements under your belt, a long resume could potentially deter a hiring manager. Most experts recommend that resumes be kept to one page, although sometimes an additional page is necessary, especially for candidates with more technical backgrounds.

You should also highlight what you have done in your career to earn accolades. If you have been awarded the best salesperson in your division, for instance, you should make sure you include that in your resume. What's more, you should also note any promotions or distinctions that you have won during your time with a company. Such characteristics will show the person reading your resume that you are capable of performing all the duties required of the job for which you are applying.

Job Search Tips

Some of the foremost experts in the job search field recommend that job seekers should always whittle down what kinds of jobs they would potentially accept. There a number of ways to go about ascertaining the fields in which you would like to work, but it is important to always remember to establish a clear idea of why you are looking for a new position in the first place.

Perhaps it is because you are tired of the monotony of your current job, or maybe because you are searching for a higher salary, but it is critically important to understand the factors that have spurred you to take the initiative to search for a new job. If you are unsure of what you would like to do, or perhaps you are looking to make a drastic change in your professional life, temporary staffing agencies could help you match with an employer that could help further your career.

Moreover, it is important to use all of the networking tools at your disposal when you are searching for a job. LinkedIn, your high school, college or graduate school's alumni network and industry events are just a few tools you could access to help boost your chances of being hired.

According to Dan Worthemann, a senior talent acquisition manager at a Fortune 500 company, you should also tell everyone you meet that you are actively looking to find a job. He also urges job seekers to be passionate and honest during the process, as it will show a prospective employer that you are an ideal candidate.

Though you may face tough competition when you are applying for a certain job, taking the time to thoughtfully prepare your resume and fine tune your job search could help you stand out and get hired.

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