What are the best ways for veterans to find jobs?


What are the best ways for veterans to find jobs?
What are the best ways for veterans to find jobs?

As U.S. veterans return from duties overseas, many are finding it extremely difficult to land a job in the current market. Fortunately, new tools have been developed that have successfully brought Gulf War-era II veteran unemployment back down to the single digits. 

But even though the veteran unemployment rate is down to 9.9 percent, there are still more than one million veterans who are out of work. Add to this the one million who are expected to come home in the next three years, and the effort to help them find jobs looks again like a daunting task. 

According to Fox News, LinkedIn is hoping to confront this challenge head on. The social media site has been a valuable player in the effort to give veterans what they need to find a job, and recently launched a new online tool that is expected to make even more of an impact. The tool, called the Military Career Coach, helps service men and women draft a resume, learn the basics of how to conduct a job search, interview etiquette and the best ways to create an online profile. 

The tool, which is available as an app, features experts who describe the recruiting process, and give advice on how to get noticed during the job search.

"Military veterans looking to start a career in the private sector may not be familiar with communicating their military experience and skills in a resume or online profile that translates to civilian work, or have the network to help in their search," said Meg Garlinghouse, head of volunteer organization LinkedIn for Good.

Making the transition
The media outlet reported that often, employers are unsure how a veteran's military experience helped develop the skills necessary for the business world. Neal Ellsworth, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who served as a Reconnaissance Marine and Scout Sniper in Iraq, said he had a whole new battle waiting for him when he returned home. 

"The transition from the field to school to a career has been difficult, but I've learned how to identify and apply my military experience and skill sets in my corporate career," he told the media outlet.

Many large corporations agree one of the best ways to say thank you is to help them get their careers off the ground. ATT&T, for example, recently joined forces with JPMorgan Chase to help veterans learn the skills they need to thrive in the civilian world. Staffing companies are also doing their part, and have become a great resource veterans have to find work.

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