When it comes to finding a job, it's smart to have numbers on your side


When it comes to finding a job, it's smart to have numbers on your side
When it comes to finding a job, it's smart to have numbers on your side

Summer has started, and the warm weather means companies are in hiring mode, whether it's for temporary staffing positions or full time jobs. For both recent grads and those who have been out of work for years, it is a time historically linked to increased hiring and a greater push to be hired, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

To make the job search more fruitful this summer, it will be important to keep in mind a few basic components of the job search.

To start, always remember that networking is key to any job search, no matter the industry. To get ahead, you can also envision yourself from the viewpoint of a potential employer, and how you can contribute strongly to the company. But just as importantly, it is crucial to remember that job hunting may come down to numbers.

According to the news source, companies are now beginning the hiring process to fill positions that will begin in the fourth quarter of 2012. That means now is the time to be out and mingling and sending off resumes to prospective companies, not after Labor Day, when most employers already have an idea of who and how many they'll be hiring.

Throughout the summer months, the number of available jobs likely won't decrease, but the number of applicants tends to fall slightly in the summer. This creates a perfect opportunity for job seekers who hope to gain an edge by having numbers on their side.

"If you sit out for a couple of months, you'll no longer remain in the front of your contacts' minds. Your network, like your summertime garden, requires attention if you expect it to bear fruit," writes recruiter Randy Wooden. "Why not run through your list of networking contacts and contact them again, ideally leading with some online article of interest to them?"

According to Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record, the timing of the job search is critical. Even those who are still employed should take notice of signs of when to begin searching for jobs, which include when salary peaks or when you start being marginalized by the company, and your work slowly starts being taken away from you. 

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