Why staffing agencies are thriving today


Why staffing agencies are thriving today
Why staffing agencies are thriving today

With the hiring landscape appearing to have permanently changed in the wake of the Great Recession, companies are increasingly turning to staffing services for several reasons. This has been a boon for both unemployed people looking for work as well as firms that have been reluctant to bring on full-time, permanent workers.

According to SIA, many people are beginning to rely on a temporary staffing agency to locate work for them, and when the results continue to be favorable, they often return when they need staffing services again. Staffing firms help employees bridge gaps during periods of unemployment, introduce candidates to potential employers and offer a host of services that most unemployed people can benefit from including sound job seeking advice. 

First, and perhaps most importantly, staffing firms can provide that first big break that many need to fill out their resume. These companies can provide real-world insight to those who may have otherwise never gained experience in a certain industry. Because they have their hands in such a variety of sectors, staffing firms can help businesses and job seekers in anything from financial services to advanced manufacturing.

Bridging gaps
Companies and individuals alike are turning to temporary placement agencies whenever they find themselves in a period of uncertain direction. For job seekers, this could be in the form of a career switch, a geographic move, or even shortly after graduating from college. Likewise, companies, which are currently in waiting mode as they get a better reading on the effects of the unstable economy, are using temporary staffing to take on temporary workers until they have a clear picture of which direction they hope to go.

Established quality
Businesses are also employing the help of staffing services as their levels of quality and reputations continue to strengthen. The economic downturn was a time for staffing firms to step up and provide the economy with a flexible workforce that could keep the country running. By performing well, these companies earned a reputation of quality that attracts hard working people in need of a job.

Companies that use staffing services have noted how well the agencies work closely with the new hire, and take care of all the aspects of bringing on a new worker. Businesses say it is extremely helpful when agencies take on the duties recruiting candidates and screening, which gives the business additional flexibility and the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than recruiting.

According to the Houston Chronicle, there are myriad reasons for choosing a temporary staffing agency when considering new hires, however the most common is likely to improve productivity. By using temps to handle backlogged work, existing employees can better focus on new tasks, and won't run the risk of burning out trying to finish overload work. Exhausted workers often make mistakes in addition to lowering overall productivity, and the increase in absenteeism that coincides with stressed employees can also be detrimental to productivity.

Many businesses say that a staffing firm gives them the opportunity to "try before they buy," so to speak, allowing them to give a candidate a trial run before they make their final hiring decision. In the event that an employee does not mesh well with company culture, despite how good they looked on paper, the company can look for a better addition to their team.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the temporary help services sector has remained on a high plateau for all for all of 2012 after rising sharply in the first few months of the year.

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