You and your job could be a match made in heaven


You and your job could be a match made in heaven
You and your job could be a match made in heaven

A wise Joe Cocker once sang that love lifts us up where we belong, and while it's an off-chance he was singing about the perfect career, why not apply this to your job search. Valentine's Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop searching for the perfect job. 

According to Business2Community, finding a job you love can have an enormous effect on your success, productivity and your life outside the office. When you go about your job search, here are a few things to keep in mind that could help you identify your one and only — job, that is. 

If you love your job, when you go into the office, you can honestly say it doesn't feel like work. As in any relationship, the news source noted, if it doesn't feel like work, you'll be more likely to take the time to address any issues that arise, rather than walk away from it. Rather than seeing a days' work as eight hours of time wasted, you should see it as a time to challenge yourself and set new goals. 

"It isn't your ball and chain, it's where you sit down and do," wrote Lindsey Nelson, a digital strategist with SAP's Business Innovation website. 

Following the relationship theme here, remember that the ideal job will be easy to commit to. If you like what you do, you'll be ready to take the plunge into a lasting career. 

Finding such a job isn't always easy though. According to the media outlet, there are a few tools at your disposal that could increase your chances. To start, look at your network of contacts. This includes immediate friends as well as the online contacts you've made through social media websites. 

"[Social media is] more powerful than you think," Nelson added. "Things like your Twitter, your Google+, these usually reflect your interests. So when people go to search for you, your mindless shares and tweets on passion points will show through. Another online tip is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is well-rounded and complete."

Finding the ideal job also means doing the proper research. According to Career Cast, this includes doing more than just a simple Google search of your desired firm. The best way to decide if a job is the perfect fit for you is to gather detailed information about the company, including employers you may be connected to on LinkedIn. 

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