Disaster Relief & Recovery

Disasters can take many forms, whether natural or man-made they are often the most destructive events that a community can experience. When a disaster occurs, organizations rely on Aerotek to find and supply personnel for clean-up and recovery efforts. Aerotek rapidly identifies highly qualified personnel in support of both government and privately funded disaster relief efforts worldwide. Regardless of where a disaster takes place, our nation-wide recruiters have immediate access to the available talent pool.

When your community is impacted by a disaster, Aerotek is committed to help move recovery efforts forward. We have played an integral role in recovery efforts for natural disasters by providing rapid turnaround of qualified and certified employees. We are experienced in filling job orders within days of the disaster’s occurrence in order to support the relief through debris and hazardous material clean-up or other related tasks.

Aerotek’s disaster relief services provide the following:

  • Quick turnaround time and high-volume recruiting
  • Quality candidates with the required skill sets
  • Mobile and local offices to support disaster relief
  • Dedicated on-premise response team
  • Safety training and risk management

Sample Partnership:

“Aerotek was able to provide 150-300 skilled technicians initially and over 1,000+ employees after 3 months into the project. Aerotek partnered with 12 environmental companies throughout the Gulf region including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastlines.”

To learn more about how Aerotek can assist during a disaster, contact us today.