Bilingual On-Premise Team in Manufacturing Staffing

Customer Profile
The customer is a leading manufacturer of specialty container materials. They provide logistics solutions for the United States military as well as commercial customers nationwide.

Customer Objectives
The customer had ongoing issues in several areas. They did not have access to the quality caliber employees they desired and as a result had many positions remain unfilled. Another area of concern was the need for a staffing partner who was capable of communicating with their Hispanic workforce. The customer was looking for a vendor to represent and support a large Hispanic workforce and help reduce their turnover rate.

Manufacturing Staffing Solution
Aerotek helped our customer reduce their turnover by supplying a bilingual On Premise Manager to communicate with the Spanish-speaking employees as well as a local recruiting team to provide quality workforce. We were able to transition all eligible contractors to Aerotek quickly and efficiently. We assisted the customer with compliance as well, helping them to eliminate 40 percent of their current temporary workforce due to illegal immigration status.

As a result of Aerotek’s on-premise management, our customer saw their rate of turnover reduced from 50 percent to 12 percent. We transitioned a total of 118 employees. The customer expressed their satisfaction with Aerotek’s level of customer service and our on-premise support and implementation services.

Manufacturing Staffing Skill Sets
Administrative Assistant
Maintenance Technician
Material Handler
Production Supervisor