High-Volume Fulfillment in Automotive Staffing

Aerotek’s automotive staffing segment has implemented solutions for our customers in all aspects of the automotive production lifecycle including design, development and production. Aerotek is the number one U.S. provider of technical and engineering staffing.

The Customer
The customer, a large automobile company, was severely affected by the automotive economic downturn of the recession. A significant amount of debt and low sales forced them to declare bankruptcy and reduce 80 percent of their workforce. In late 2009, the customer implemented a plan to recover from their financial crisis and rebound from bankruptcy.

The Objective
In order to rebound from their financial crisis, the customer designed a plan to increase vehicle production. They required a larger volume of workforce to support increased vehicle production. Their plan involved the need for workers to support vehicle design, engineering and assembly.

Automotive Staffing Solution
Aerotek partnered with our customer to assist in the execution of their plan to re-establish their company and increase production. Aerotek utilized vertical skill set recruiting, which allowed for the screening process to flow quickly, so that we were able add contractors to fulfill the large number of openings. This also allowed for recruiters to place for specific skill sets, which resulted in a high number of placements across a variety of areas.

The Results
In the past 18 months, Aerotek has filled 667 contractor openings. We have supplied our customer with a wide range of skill sets to help them meet their rebuilding objectives. Aerotek is the customer’s primary staffing supplier.

Automotive Staffing Skill Sets
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Production Supervisor
Quality Engineer
Skilled Trades Supervisor
Skilled Trades Technician