Meeting Compliance Standards in Aviation Staffing

Aerotek’s aviation staffing division supplies qualified individuals with aircraft-specific experience to support MRO facilities, military aircraft, corporate aircraft, manufacturing & completion centers, rotary wing aircraft and commercial & cargo aircraft.

Customer Profile
Our customer is a major global provider of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services. With over 127 stations in 27 countries, they support over 500 airline customers per year for over 800,000 flights.

Customer Objectives
The customer was in a serious dilemma when 35 of their contractors were found to be illegal workers. The U.S. Government identified contractors to be falsely badged and noncompliant with federal law, and they were dismissed immediately. As a result, the customer lost 35 temporary employees who were essential to meeting their daily business objectives. They needed this group of workers to be replaced immediately to maintain their delivery schedule, and they needed to ensure proper compliance measures were taken.

Aviation Staffing Solution
Aerotek sourced the required candidates within 48 hours and began the process of I9 compliance measures. To meet compliance requirements, each employee had to complete the proper badging process, which takes up to two weeks per contractor. Aerotek supervised airport badging, I9 verification, and drug and background checks. Within two weeks, Aerotek had 100 percent fulfillment of contract resources that were fully compliant with proper I9 documentation and drug screens. During this ramp-up, the customer was also relying on Aerotek to assist as they moved their operations to a new facility. In order to coordinate employees starting at three locations across three different shifts, Aerotek’s team was available at any time, day or night, to provide any services the customer required.

Through meeting a short time to fill requirement, Aerotek ensured that the customer’s operations were kept running as usual even after their challenges with compliance. They were able to maintain a 100 percent on-time delivery schedule with no delays of any aircraft, with 100 percent success for on-time freight placement on their flights. The customer retained all 10 of their clients, worth $3M in revenue, despite their unexpected loss of workforce. Throughout our partnership with the customer, currently a 3-year time span, Aerotek has placed a total of 240 employees.

Aviation Staffing Skill Sets
Cargo Agent