Quality Candidates in Call Center Staffing

Customer Profile
The customer is a leading manufacturer of diesel engines for the commercial truck market. They offer a complete line of engines with varying levels of horsepower. The customer is involved in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of their diesel products. They also support hybrid and alternative engine options in the commercial marketplace.

Customer Objectives
The customer was not happy with the quality of their contract employees from their current staffing supplier. They were having low retention in the workplace which was preventing them from meeting business demands.

Call Center Staffing Solution
When Aerotek partnered with the customer, we met with them to gain understanding of the workplace culture so that we could identify qualities to identify in potential candidates to ensure a perfect fit.
After understanding the customer’s workplace environment and daily tasks, we were able to screen candidates who fit into the environment. As a result of applying our Perfect Fit Program, we have maintained a positive relationship with our customer and met their staffing needs.

Aerotek’s Contract Engineering Division has placed 25 contractors in our customer’s call center. Two years after the contract started, 10 of these 25 were directly hired and 12 remain under contract. The customer is most satisfied with our submittal to hire success rate and the improved retention that had been maintained throughout our relationship with them.

Call Center Staffing Skill Sets
Call Center Representative
Call Center Service Technician