Meeting Project Deadlines in Mortgage Staffing

Customer Profile
The customer is a multinational banking and financial services institution. They have customers in over 150 countries and reach approximately 57 million individual customers and small businesses worldwide.

Customer Objectives
The customer was under strict federal guidelines to complete an auditing project in a short period of time. They needed to implement over 300 loan foreclosure file review positions within a four week timeframe in order to complete the government-mandated initiative. They needed Aerotek to provide a high volume of candidates in a short period of time so they could meet their business demands on time.

Mortgage Staffing Solution
Aerotek utilized our local market presence near the customer’s location as well as our national recruiting centers to source quality candidates to submit for the positions. When we learned the time-sensitive nature of our customer’s staffing needs, we started to recruit qualified candidates and have a pipeline of contracts ready to work at any given time. Since we focused on having candidates in a short turnaround time, we were able to provide candidates within one hour of receiving each request for this initiative.

Aerotek conducted thorough behavioral interviewing and computer aptitude tests to ensure we were placing the most qualified candidates possible. We provided 151 candidates within four weeks. This was a result of a 65 percent submittal-to-hire ratio. Because we had such quick turnaround time of quality employees, Aerotek was successful in helping our customer meet their project deadlines.

Mortgage Staffing Skill Sets
File Foreclosure Review I
File Foreclosure Review II
File Foreclosure Review III