Cost Management in Administrative Health Services Staffing

Aerotek’s administrative health services provides professional, administrative and specialized medical personnel to insurance companies, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, medical and dental offices, pharmacies and more.

Business Pain
The customer is a leading provider of health information and consultative services. Due to seasonal fluctuations in staffing needs, our customer was incurring unnecessary high costs through layoffs and overtime.

They had used a third-party call center in the past, but were unhappy with the poor quality workforce. They partnered with Aerotek to create a solution to offset these challenges.

Administrative Health Services Staffing Solution
• Aerotek’s team spent time with hiring managers to identify qualities, core skills and values they were looking for in ideal candidates
• Created a temporary staffing model that would meet their needs during their busy season without the cost of workforce reduction

• Aerotek recruited 20 health coaches to supplement their full-time workforce during their busy season
• Resolved challenging staffing and budgeting issues
• Provided a cost savings over $15,000 by implementing a temporary workforce solution

Administrative Health Services Staffing Skill Sets
• Customer Service Representative
• Health Coach