Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Aerotek’s customer is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and manufactures therapies for viral and infectious diseases.

The Challenge

Aerotek’s challenge was to help the customer gain visibility and control over their independent contractor (IC) population. The customer recognized the risks associated with improperly classified personnel as a result of no consistent processes related to IC management.

The Solution

Aerotek designed a program that insured all independent consultants were properly screened, vetted and on-boarded. Processes included verification of all documents required by the Internal Revenue Service, such as articles of incorporation and general liability insurance certificates. Aerotek also provides consolidated program reporting.

In order to help communicate the importance of solid IC management processes, Aerotek worked with the customer to develop and implement a company-wide communication plan that addressed both hiring managers and existing independent contractors. With the support of the customer’s human resources team and executive leadership, Aerotek has implemented a program to help the customer gain control of their IC management program.

The Results

Aerotek helped mitigate risk and avoid fines for improperly classified workers by developing a IC compliance program. Approximately 90 percent of the customer's independent consultants are working through Aerotek’s program.

The company estimates that nearly $1 million in hard and soft costs have been saved by properly classifying and managing IC employees. In addition the customer has passed several company-driven internal audits for IC compliance.

Skill Sets

Human resources, finance, scientific