Quality Improvement

Aerotek’s customer develops and implements programs that cover reimbursement and patient access issues for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology firms and payers.

The Challenge

Aerotek’s customer was working with six staffing vendors for a seasonal ramp up project of 300+ contractors and was experiencing problems with quality, attendance and high attrition of their current contract workforce. Aerotek’s challenge was to help reduce the customer’s hiring costs by 10 percent for their seasonal hiring initiatives and improve the overall performance of the contract workforce.

The Solution

Aerotek responded to the challenge by providing a variety of cost saving measures for the customer that included pay rate evaluation and volume rebates. Aerotek implemented an onsite staffing program to provide recruitment and administration of the contract workforce at the customer’s facility.

Standard operating procedures were implemented, creating an understanding of best business processes for the customer. A service level agreement was also built into our customer’s on-premise model that measured attrition, successful placements, time and attendance and adherence to implemented standard operating procedures.

The Results

Over 300 healthcare employees were sourced, screened and selected for our customer’s seasonal project. Aerotek lowered the attrition rate from 45 to 18 percent. After researching current market trends, Aerotek discovered the customer was spending unnecessary amounts of money in hourly wages for employees. Aerotek was able to establish set wage rates across the program saving our customer 7 percent. Aerotek also generated cost savings by analyzing overtime and reducing hours. Aerotek saved the customer more than $115,000 and total costs were reduced by 10 percent, meeting the customer’s goal. Aerotek became an exclusive vendor for the customer in 2007, placing over 500 contract employees throughout the course of each year.

Skill Sets

Benefit Verification Specialists, Data Entry Clerks and Customer Service Representatives