Cost Per Hire Calculator

How much does it really cost to hire someone? Many organizations consider the cost of advertisements, materials and salaries of recruiters, but often overlook the other factors that inflate the true cost to hire an employee. The Cost Per Hire Calculator gives you a bottom line assessment of what it costs to hire an employee - one that includes both hard and soft costs, as well as apparent and hidden costs.

Background Information

1. FTEs in Position  
2. Anticipated Monthly Hires  
3. Average Annual Salary of Employees $  
4. Benefits/ Payroll Tax Costs (express as a %) %  
5. Average time to fill vacancies (weeks)  

Sourcing / Recruiting Costs

6. FTE Recruiters  
7. Annual Salary of FTE Recruiters $  
8. Annual Expenditures on Job Boards $  
9. Annual Expenditures on Classified Ads $  
10. Annual Expenditures on Career Fairs / Misc $  

Recruiting Process Costs

Salary of Person
Performing Task
11. Weekly time spent Sourcing resumes   $  
12. Average Time Spent Reviewing 1 Resume   $  
13. Average Time Spent per Phone Interview   $  
14. Average Time Spent per Personal Interview   $  
15. Average Manager Time Spent on Realistic Job Preview (or 2nd Interview)   $  
16. Average Time Spent Preparing One Offer   $  

Quality Ratios

17. # of Resumes Reviewed per Phone Interview  
18. # of Phone Interviews per Personal Interview  
19. # of Personal Interviews per Realistic Job Preview (or 2nd Interview)  
20. # of Realistic Job Previews (or 2nd Interview) per Offer Extended  
21. % of Offers Accepted %  

Additional Screening Costs

22. Cost of One Background Check $  
23. Cost of Individual Skills Assessment $  
24. Cost of One Employment Verification $  
25. Percent of Employees who Pass All Screens %  

Training / Ramp-Up Costs

26. Orientation/ Training Materials Cost (per employee) $  
27. Total time (in weeks) spent in training during first year  
28. Instructor's Salary $  
29. FTE Instructors Dedicated to New Hires  
30. Typical % of Productivity for New Hire after Initial Training %  
31. Time for new hire to be productive (weeks)  
32. Avg Weekly Hours Manager Spends with New Hire during Ramp-Up  
33. Avg. Annual Salary of Supervisors / Mgr. $  

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