Staffing Insights: Reports & Whitepapers

Choosing Your Contingent Workforce Model & Building the Business Case

April, 2014

What's the best contingent workforce model for your organization? Get our free whitepaper to find a sourcing model that's right for your staffing needs.

Recruit or Retain Report

December, 2013

Did you make the right hiring decision? Download our free report for invaluable advice on how to hire, train and retain the best employees.

Perfect Fit Survey Report

September, 2012

What's the best hiring strategy? View the results of our Perfect Fit Survey Report to learn about the latest trends in candidate fit, screening and culture.

Implementing Effective Workforce Planning Strategies

May, 2012

How effective is your workforce planning strategy? Workforce planning involves evaluating one’s current workforce and projecting future staffing needs based on a range of factors including trends in the labor market and consumer demand.Download this free whitepaper to get ideas, tips and best practices to help you improve it.

Quality in Talent Selection: Finding the Perfect Fit

October, 2011

Need better quality talent? Research study with HCI examines how pre- and post-hire assessments, rigor in candidate selection and quality of post-hire evaluations differ between permanent and contract talent. Download this free report to learn about the 3 key phases of the Talent Selection Process and why they work.

Taking Talent Management to the Next Level

December, 2010

Are you ready to take your talent management program up a notch? Asking four key questions will help you build a better managed service program.

Investing in Today’s Workforce

October, 2010

As hiring increases, many employers are discovering that the candidate pool is limited. Learn why investing in today's talent will enhance your workforce tomorrow. Get our free whitepaper.

Minimizing Employee Attrition

October, 2010

Employee attrition is a problem that affects many businesses and oftentimes is avoidable. Get key tips to maximize your efforts in retaining employees.