Turnover Calculator

Complete the fields below to determine your company’s estimated cost of attrition.

Key Background Information

1. How many employees are in the position in question?  
2. What is the annual turnover percentage for the position? %  
3. What is the average annual compensation for the position? $  
4. What is the average Tax & Benefit Cost as % of Salary? (assume 25%) %  
5. How many candidates do you interview per opening?  
6. How many candidates are assessed per opening (screening/ background etc.)?  

Relevant Training Information

7. Per new employee, what do Informational Literature and Manuals cost? $  
8. How long does the formal training program last (in days)?  
9. What hourly rate do you pay an instructor? $  
10. How many months does it take before a person in this position is fully productive?  

Other Miscellaneous Costs (if available)

11. What did you spend last year to attract applicants (ads, agencies etc.)? $  
12. How much (if anything) did you spend on staff travel costs to interview applicants? $  
13. What annual cost do you incur on candidate travel costs? $  
14. How much (if anything) do you spend on relocation expenses annually? $  
15. How much does a post-employment medical exam cost? $  
16. How much is the sign-on bonus for the position? $  

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