New York to increase automotive staffing as U.S. sales climb


New York to increase automotive staffing as U.S. sales climb

An Ithaca, New York-based startup company will reportedly expand its automotive component production facility after it received $1.25 million in state economic funding, reports the Ithaca Journal.

According to the news source, automotive staffing is expected to reach 50 positions by 2012, with that number climbing to 200 over the next four years. The production facility will also reportedly spark manufacturing staffing and create another 1,600 agricultural jobs for flax production, the news source said.

The staffing increase expected as a result of this plant expansion comes as auto sales continued to show signs of improvement during the third quarter.

"In October, new car sales totaled 1.02 million units, a seven percent increase from October 2010," Great American Group national sales and marketing director Mike Marchlik said in a release. "Despite trying economic conditions, as well as international turmoil and difficult weather, auto sales have proved to be remarkably resilient. Industry experts have been fairly optimistic regarding recent automotive sales trends."

In October, automakers such as Chrysler and Hyundai helped drive strong sales, according to Great American Group.