Looking for a job? Go with a staffing firm


Looking for a job? Go with a staffing firm

So you're unemployed and job searching just isn't going your way. If you think you've exhausted all your resources but still haven't jumped aboard the temp employment train, you'd better get up and give it a try.

Why? Because the 2.8 million people who are employed by temp employment firms every day can't be wrong. According to the ASA, millions of people are turning to temp jobs in place of permanent work simply because companies are still reluctant to hire in this economy. Many have held off contacting employment firms because they are looking for long-time work and things like health benefits, however, according to the Hickory Daily Record, this is no reason to shy away from these services.

Such companies perform all the necessary legwork to get you hired, so instead of devoting time, gas and money to look for a job, you can simply show up at an employment firm's office, go through the process, and submit applications to multiple companies in one fell swoop. What's more, these firms are not the temp firms of yesteryear, with many now providing a broad range of employee benefits including health, dental, vision and paid holidays.

You may even find that by working at a company through a temporary employment firm, you'll get a firm foot in the door that could likely lead to more opportunities. Once you're in, you can show off your best skill sets,  perform high-quality work and show that you are, in fact, a perfect fit for the company. By allowing the company to become familiar with both your work and your personality, you can gain a one-up on other candidates who apply for the position without knowing a single face at the firm, the news source stated.

Companies flocking to temporary services
With the demand for temporary services rising, your chances to grab a job through a temp employment firm are higher than ever. Companies are increasingly giving temp firms their business as they look to address fluctuating business demands and increase overall workforce flexibility. By going through such a firm, essentially, you are exactly what businesses are looking for.

The numbers don't lie. According to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professional and business services sector - which includes temporary hiring - led the way in job creation in October.