Experts take a look at hot jobs in 2013


Job experts from the University of California Los Angeles Extension say a few industries will likely perform much better than others in 2013, and finding jobs in these areas could be the best way to secure employment in the new year. In a recent report, the experts stated that jobs in information technology, engineering, healthcare, finance, construction and management will be the best places to go looking for opportunities.

UCLA Extension says that you can use an employment agency to learn all the details about expectations for 2013, but to get you started, you should have a strong job search strategy in place. This could mean receiving additional education or certification that could give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.

"'We’re hiring.' 'You’re promoted.' 'Your salary is being increased.' These are phrases many mid-career professionals wish to hear in the new year. The question is how to properly position oneself for this kind of opportunity," said UCLA Extension dean Cathy Sandeen. "Industries are demanding more education and improved interpersonal skills. In many cases, those individuals who possess strong technical or professional skills and take proactive measures to seek advanced learning continue to be among the most desirable to employers."

The school noted engineering and sustainability as two fast-growing sectors that will need highly trained workers next year. Salaries in this field have been on a steady increase, and for those with the right education and training, there is even more opportunity for salary growth. The sector itself is expected to undergo major changes, with a higher emphasis placed on sustainable building practices. Even older engineering fields, such as the aerospace manufacturing industry, are changing to be more in line with current sustainable and green trends.

The institution noted that jobs in financial planning will also become increasingly available as more individuals start bringing in higher incomes. This will drive a need for highly trained workers to manage these rising salaries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of green jobs around the country is growing, and several new career paths have arisen within green engineering. With more green technologies being developed, there will also be a demand for engineers well versed in implementing these advancements.