Corporate Restructuring


A leading supplier in the global transportation and logistics industry, Aerotek’s customer provides container shipping and other related services.

The Challenge

Aerotek’s challenge was to provide assistance managing recruitment and staffing during the customer’s corporate restructuring process as they relocated their headquarters in Arizona.  This move led to the loss of one-third of the customer’s corporate employees, as well as corporate restructuring that affected many of the customer’s regional offices.

The Solution

Aerotek identified the required attributes and experience expected of all potential new hires through a series of interviews and newly implemented information gathering processes. Aerotek then began a rigorous candidate screening process, forming new connections with private schools, universities, and minority organizations to find new candidates. Aerotek also managed and provided training for two of the customer’s client application tracking systems and assisted in candidate salary negotiations ensuring that the best talent was secured at a good rate.

The Results

Working alongside the customer, Aerotek was able to provide a minimum of three qualified candidates for every available position, screening over 7,000 potential candidates within a five month period. Aerotek was able to successfully place 150 new hires in the customer’s global headquarters in Arizona as well as 30 new hires in one of the customer’s regional office in Michigan. With a 3:1 interview to hire ratio, Aerotek was able to successfully fill 99 percent of the customers staffing needs.

Skill Sets

Human resources, logistics management, marketing, sales support, executive assistants and financial analysts