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8 Tips to Maximise the New Employee Experience

The most successful companies know that a strategy of retaining top employees begins on their first day. Want to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot? Here are some best practices to follow:           

1. Organise and prepare early for the candidate’s first day.                                                                                      Don’t wait to start preparing for the new hire. Make sure you communicate between the time an offer is made and a candidate’s start date.

2. Make sure IT and office resources are ready for day one.
If a new hire has to wait a day to start working because an access code is not set, a phone doesn’t work, or a desk isn’t ready, the experience may set a negative tone for the relationship.

3. Introduce new hires to teammates and key stakeholders.
The new hire is busy. Every teammate and leader is busy, too. Take the time early to introduce the new hire to the people they need to know. It can make your organisation stand out as a great employer.

4. Give new hires a tour of the facilities
Make sure someone is available to provide a tour, not simply of the immediate working area, but of all the places the new hire is likely to go.

5. Provide background on the company and business strategy.
Provide a detailed education to help the new hire understand the larger picture and take pride in your team and your business right from the start.

6. Provide clear job expectations from the start.
Take a second look at what you are communicating to the new hire. Are you documenting 30-, 60- and 90-day goals? Do you give employees enough information and access to allow them to ask questions?

7. Communicate with your new hire consistently and frequently.
Communication and relationship-building define the employee experience. Meet with new hires during their first day, first week and first month, to answer any questions and mitigate any concerns.

8. Leverage performance feedback/performance appraisals                                                                                Provide feedback so that your new hires always know their strengths and areas for improvement. This improves the experience and sets the new hire up for success, which in turn leads to better retention.

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