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Ask Aerotek: Recruiters Offer Insider's Tips on How to Make Your Resume More Marketable

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It’s well documented that the average employer spends only a few seconds scanning a CV before deciding whether it’s worth a closer look. How can you maximise your chances of getting from first glance to job offer? We asked some of our experienced recruitment consultants what makes them sit up and take notice. Here’s what they told us:

First impressions: Keep it organised and clean
Overwhelmingly, our recruitment consultants prefer a CV that is simple, clean and legible. When you use the same font, spacing and tense from beginning to end, it shows that you take pride in your work and have strong attention to detail. And always make sure you check for spelling errors!

Along the same lines, unless you are in a design or creative field, minimise the bells and whistles and keep the formatting clean and simple. The design should not distract the reviewer from what is important – your experience. The easier a CV is to read, and the quicker the reviewer can find the key words they are looking for, the better.

The essentials: Sell your skills and experience!
Take the time to make your CV really stand out. Include a well-formed objective statement, clear and detailed information about the work performed in each position, the type of companies and environments where the work was performed, as well as your accomplishments and any related certifications, training and education.

It is also important to keep your CV tailored to the position you are applying to. Create different, but accurate, resumes that focus more on the specific skills or experience necessary for the position you are applying for.

Back it up: It’s all in the details
Add specifics about your responsibilities and achievements – facts, numbers and statistics will help provide a clear picture of what you have done, and what you can do for the prospective employer. Make sure you clearly state your technical skills and industry experience, and any relevant qualifications.

Keywords matter: Help yourself get found
Be sure to include key words that pertain to the job you’re after. A recruitment consultant or hiring manager will be looking at your most recent positions and job titles to see how closely they match up with the role you are applying for. They will be looking for buzz words that match the job duties, so make sure you are using language and terms that are commonly understood.
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