5 Ways to Improve Your Job Search with Time Management

A job search can seem like a full-time job. Like any job, you should strive to be good at it.

So picture yourself as Chief Executive Officer of You, Inc. Congratulations on the promotion! Now it’s time to put your managerial skills to the test.

Here are some of the key ways that the time management techniques of an executive can be an asset throughout your job search.

Be systematic
The first thing you’ll need is organised data. That’s how top execs make informed decisions.
Create a spreadsheet of all your job applications. Use it to keep track of each opportunity. Who’s your contact person? When did you apply? What’s the job description? Have you spoke with your contact recently?

Make sure you track what stage of the process you are in with each role, any feedback you receive after application or interview. This will help you notice any trends.
Without a streamlined system, you’ll spend your time and energy repeating tasks, or worse, frantically searching through old emails while on the phone with a potential employer.

Do the hard tasks first
As CEO of You, Inc., you’re tasks with managing resources. What is one key resource use in your job search? Energy. You’ll have more at the beginning of a search than you will later. Use it wisely by doing the hardest tasks first.

Instead of rebuilding your resume from the ground up with every application, spend extra time at the beginning of your search on a comprehensive master resume document. Include more information than you would need for any given job, listing all your skills and identifying your key achievements. Then you can whittle it down and create offshoots for specific jobs, selecting the details that are most relevant to that role. After all, it’s easier, and much fast, to delete than it is to write.

Organise your work time
A large part of being an executive, is respecting the time of employees, and the same is true of You, Inc. Don’t bog yourself down with useless busy work. Get the most out of your time. It’s better for morale.

Using calendars and to-do lists can help keep you focused and organised. Create a schedule to help you search strategically, and block our times for specific tasks like submitting applications, preparing for interviews, or networking on social media sites. Being organised and setting aside time to focus on your job search will keep you headed in the right direction.

Don’t forget to network
Imagine the boost to your confidence (and opportunities) you might experience if you sat down for an interview having already met the interviewer.
Networking is a fantastic tool for finding a new job. The more you network, the more connections you will make, and the faster you will find a new position.
While it is still important to apply to jobs, by networking you are laying the groundwork to help you win the jobs you’re applying to.

You don’t have to do everything. As the CEO of You, Inc., you have the power to bring in an expert management team that can help you strategise and achieve your goals. That could mean asking a friend for help with networking or resume advise. Or it could mean pursuing outside partnerships.

Recruitment firms offer free services and are dedicated to help finding job seekers and clients the right fit. By taking the time to understand your skills, goals, and interests, we can help find the right next step in your career. Taking some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

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