How Are You Showing Up? The Quick Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Contractor

We’ve gathered some useful tips that will benefit all contractors, no matter how long a contract lasts. Follow these best practices, and you shouldn't have a problem finding new assignments – or extending existing ones:

Be punctual

Seems like a no-brainer, right? But don’t underestimate the power of being on time. Being on time shows respect and enables you and your colleagues to be efficient. In fact, punctuality is one of the qualities employers notice most.

Learn the company culture

It starts with following workplace protocol in all cases; observe policies, corporate hierarchies, and dress codes. Want to go beyond the employee handbook? Take a look at what the company says about its mission, values, and people. Then evaluate how your personality and career goals align with them.

Build rapport

While it isn’t necessary or, at times, appropriate to buddy up to new colleagues; friendliness, a can-do attitude, and a willingness to collaborate are important workplace characteristics that will help ease your transition into the company culture.

Go beyond expectations

Being a contractor shouldn’t mean you’re less committed to the work – especially if you are hoping to make your temporary position permanent. Strive to do the best job possible.

Never stop learning

Discover as much as you can about the business and your role in its structure. You are an important piece of the puzzle. Understand why. Even if your contract has an end date, find a way to make yourself indispensable while embracing every opportunity you can to learn skills that will help you throughout your career.