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The New Meaning of Talent: Adapting to the World and the Workforce of Tomorrow

Demographic shifts. Demands for emerging skills. Non-traditional work models. These are the challenges that face employers around the world, but when it comes to attracting and retaining critical talent, top employers continue to succeed. What are they doing right?


Based on a survey of 1,000 HR leaders plus expertise from talent acquisition leaders. Our parent company Allegis Group’s new report “The New Meaning of Talent: Adapting to the Work and the Workforce of Tomorrow” explores the trends that are reshaping how companies approach talent and business today.  The in-depth report discusses six trends across three main themes:


Who does the work?

  • The rise of the multi-generational workforce
  • A growing emphasis on transferable skills

Changing how talent is acquired 

  • The demands of multi-channel global sourcing
  • The increasing emphasis on digital talent acquisition

What is the nature of the work being done?

  • The expanding use of the flexible work models
  • A growing pressure to automate activities and processes

Download “The New Meaning of Talent” here and then contact us if you would like to discuss how these trends relate to your future talent strategy.