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Engineer Project - Leading Elevator Company - Malaysia

Customer Profile

Founded in 1910, this company has been committed to understanding the needs of their customers for over a century. As the world’s largest elevator and escalator manufacturers, they have delivered solutions to enable people to move safely and comfortably across many major buildings across the globe.

Executive Summary

This client required a recruitment partner with knowledge in the elevator industry and the ability to place quality candidates quickly, as they commenced work on a new project in Kuala Lumpur to support what will be the tallest building in Malaysia.

Business Plan

Following the successful award of a major project in Kuala Lumpur with what will be the tallest building in Malaysia, the client was under pressure to transfer current employees to the project as well as hire additional critical skills within the 12 weeks prior to the project starting.
Their objective was to hire 5-10 key engineers within that timeframe to ensure they met the expectations of the project owners and were aligned to the project timeline. The client chose to partner with Aerotek due to our strong understanding of the industry and pre-existing network of candidates with elevator industry backgrounds.

With specific requirements for project, safety, quality and mechanical engineers across the project, Aerotek was determined to fill all critical roles within 60-90 days; if not, the client would face major delays on the project delivery and would be at risk of the project being assigned to an alternative supplier.

Aerotek’s Solution

Aerotek presented a project plan to the project team outlining how the recommended recruitment methodology would align to the client’s company goals, ensuring all parties were comfortable with the agreed plan.

Once the project plan was agreed, Aerotek assigned three subject matter experts in the elevator industry to source and interview all potential candidates. They utilised their existing candidate networks to connect with key ambassadors of the industry to target the passive candidate audience.

A key proponent to successfully identifying the right candidates was ensuring that Aerotek fully understood the skills required; to ensure both the roles and the client were represented correctly and a customised value proposition was developed that would be presented to potential candidates.

Aerotek and the client also partnered to ensure there was direct access to the hiring managers at all times to qualify the requirements and present candidates in real time. This also applied to the interview process, with feedback on each candidate discussed immediately following their interview, allowing Aerotek to move and execute much faster.


Throughout the process Aerotek dedicated 50 percent of their weekly time to assisting the client with all areas of the hiring process, including additional support to onboard the new candidates.

As of April 2016, Aerotek has successfully placed nine out of ten engineer requirements within the 90 day deadline; a tenth placement is currently pending final round interviews. All candidates have since started on time and are already contributing to the client’s project needs successfully.

The customised recruitment solution prepared for the client ensured that the positions were filled successfully on time, within budget and met all quality requirements. In meeting their business goals, Aerotek has strengthened their reputation as a specialist within the elevator industry and developed strong relationships with key client stakeholders, including at the Director level.
Based on this success and the strong relationships developed, Aerotek is continuing to support the line managers’ requirements within their specific business units, with further plans underway to provide hiring support for another of the client’s major projects.

Supporting Testimonial

This team has been very engaging and quick in terms of finding the right talent as well as partnering with us to interview and move things forward to offer which also includes on-boarding. Excellent job!
~ HR Manager
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This team has been very engaging and quick in terms of finding the right talent as well as partnering with us to interview and move things forward.