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System Consultant – Global Intralogistics Group - China

Customer Profile

With a global knowledge network of more than 4,000 highly skilled logistics professionals, this global leader of intralogistics and materials handling solutions provides its customers a unique perspective in world class materials handling solution design.

Executive Summary

This client had a need for a specialist candidate with substantial mechanical design experience. With a lack of talent in the local market, Aerotek provided a global sourcing solution to meet their needs.

Business Plan

This client had identified China as a distinct business region and established operations in both Shanghai and Suzhou. Aerotek has been a valued recruitment partner to the business since 2011, hiring over 10 percent of their Shanghai headcount.
With rapid industry growth underway in the region, the business was continuing to grow with a view to register on the NYSE in 2016. As part of their growth strategy they discovered a need for a highly specialised System Consultant, with specialist skills that were not available within the local talent market.
If a direct hire could not be sourced to meet their needs, they would need to relocate an individual from the Europe or US offices which was inefficient and would involve additional costs.

Aerotek’s Solution

Having engaged Aerotek and the Allegis Group previously, the client approached Aerotek with the specialist requirement. A retained targeted search solution was proposed and a target list of 10-15 direct and indirect global competitors identified. This solution guaranteed the client a thorough and elaborate search that would be completed within the requested timeframe to meet the business needs.
A detailed brief of the key requirements for the position was developed, and using a combination of social networks, direct approaches and targeted advertising, a network of potential candidates were identified. Candidates not only needed to have the necessary skills and experience for the role, but also required an unrelenting will to win so they could support the continued growth of the business in a competitive market.


After four weeks of extensive searches across the globe a robust shortlist was presented to the client, with candidates invited to China for further interviews.
Early references were completed prior to candidates meeting with the client, which provided strong evidence of their skills and accelerated the hiring process. The successful candidate came from a competitor in Spain, and three months after accepting the offer relocated to Shanghai to begin their new role.
Following the candidates appointment, the client was able to commence building their expertise in distribution system integration in China, and owing to the candidates’ competency has won several strategic customers in the subsequent year.
Aerotek continues to support the client’s hiring requirements, further strengthening our relationship and comprehensive collaboration to help drive the client’s organic growth.

Supporting Testimonial

Aerotek always kept a constant and informed communication, any doubt or uncertainty during the assignment process was quickly solved. In my opinion, Aerotek constitutes a solid bridge between Western professionals and companies situated in China.
~System Consultant, Global Intralogistics
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Aerotek always kept a constant and informed communication, any doubt or uncertainty during the assignment process was quickly solved.