Clinical Solutions

Our goal is to help your organization grow, develop and manage your domestic clinical trials. Whether you are in need of volume resources, an experienced project team or a managed service program, Aerotek has flexible resource solutions to ensure your project remains on track. Our service portfolio includes: planning and transition, resource selection and on-boarding, knowledge management & data integrity, deliverable and service management as well as resource capacity planning.

Our clinical solutions group has supported over 1,200 clinical trials (phases 1–4) over the past five years. We manage all resourcing aspects of the clinical trial, ensuring program compliance with employment laws and regulations, and ultimately reducing costs through increased retention of resources.

Workforce Quality & Time-to-Fill

We accelerate the hiring process by understanding your project requirements and company culture. Our candidates have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete each assignment efficiently and on time.

Compliance & Risk Management

We mitigate risk related to contingent labour by ensuring all policies and processes are properly documented, communicated, executed and enforced. We meet with each candidate to conduct a personal interview, reference and background checks (including Food and Drug Administration debarment) as well as any needed drug screens to ensure selected candidates are right for your project.

Cost Reductions

Aerotek actively manages overall outsourcing costs associated with your contingent workforce through expedited resource identification and on-boarding, enabling your project to start and end on time. We provide cost savings based on the resource volume and by ensuring compliance of employment laws and regulations.