10 Job Skills Podcasts To Listen To Over Your Thanksgiving Break

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Whether you’re traveling or simply basking in a food coma over this Thanksgiving holiday, there’s often more downtime involved than you may have anticipated. One way to avoid that sluggish feeling is to load up on podcasts that will prepare you to hit the ground running after the holiday; flush with new motivation, skills and insights.

Research by Apple shows that there are over 1 billion podcast subscribers and more than 180,000 podcasts in 100 languages. Of these, there are hundreds of business and life-skill-related podcasts. Here are a few you can download now to multitask your personal career development while you’re on your way to or recovering from the holidays.

The James Altucher Show – Episode 185: Cal Newport

James Altucher is a former hedge fund manager and bestselling author whose writing explores the relationship between work and happiness. In this episode, Altucher interviews bestselling author Cal Newport about the concepts behind the books “Deep Work” and “So Good They Can’t Ignore You.” The result is an inspirational dialogue about how best to turn career goals into career realities.

The Grammar Girl Podcast – Episode 539: Capitalizing Job Titles

Few things can trip you up more surely in your job search or in the workplace than bad grammar. The Grammar Girl podcast offers writing tips in short, easily digestible bites of around 15 minutes, just enough to get you in the right grammatical mindset to craft communications that say “I’m a professional.”

NPR’s Planet Money Podcast

Employers appreciate employees who are well-informed on the big picture so they understand why certain strategies might be necessary. Shore up your knowledge base on all matters related to the economy with one of the most popular podcasts out there on the subject. The NPR staff makes learning about forces and trends in the economy surprisingly fun.

Career Tools Podcast – Job Search Tracking

The Career Tools podcast delves into various topics related to career development, from time management to email tips, to this episode’s focus: recommendations on how to track your job search so you’ll waste less time chasing opportunities that don’t pan out.

48 Days To The Work You Love With Dan Miller

Host and bestselling author Dan Miller engagingly answers questions on a broad range of topics relating to finding and keeping the right job. Should you shave that facial hair before a job interview? Do you stay in a job you don’t like because you’re dealing with student loan debt? Dan has answers.

The Voice of Job Seekers

A complement to his award-winning blog by the same name, Mark Anthony Dyson’s podcast is designed to help unemployed and underemployed jobseekers to stay “informed, educated and empowered during their job search.” Featuring interviews with top career experts, job coaches and authors, Dyson’s podcast explores everything from resumes, cover letters and interview strategies to hot job industries, diversity and inclusion and work-life balance.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast

Why not learn from the pros? Listen to the HBR Ideacast and hear what foremost experts like Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandburg, New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler, economist James Bessen, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, HBR editor Amy Bernstein and so many others in the business world think about human resources issues.

How Did You Get Into That?

Thinking of making a career change but not sure where to turn? Hosted by motivational speaker Grant Baldwin, this podcast presents interviews with various “entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, designers, musicians, speakers, writers, authors, bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers, videographers, photographers, athletes, venture capitalists, Etsy sellers, consultants, coach, teachers, comedians, trainers, nutritionists and more.” All share the stories of their successful professional journeys.

Project Management for Beginners and Experts

The project management field is wide open, and this long-running podcast hosted by Cornelius Fichtner offers interviews with experts in the field, sharing their knowledge about topics from project assumption to risk management to benefits management to growing business acumen. The podcast also features episodes that help listeners to prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential.

The Broad Experience

Like it or not, professional women face certain issues that their male counterpoints do not. Hosted by U.K.-born Ashley Milne-Tyte, this podcast addresses issues particular to women in the workplace. Milne-Tyte says she started the podcast because; the topic of women in the workplace is “more complicated — and interesting” than the simple fact that women have babies. “I wanted to bring some nuance to this topic,” she says.

If you’re looking to boost your career, use your holiday time to listen to a podcast (or a few) to stay motivated and engaged. Imagine how happy you’ll make everyone by volunteering for dish duty, and how pleased you’ll be with yourself if you hear that one piece of advice that jumpstarts a new career skill.

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