5 Business Apps that Give You a Competitive Edge


In any profession, gaining a competitive edge can mean the difference between a long, slow trudge or a rapid sprint to career advancement. And the best way to gain that edge? Maximize your time and stay organized.

Today, with thousands of apps promising greater efficiency and productivity for professionals of all stripes, identifying the true game-changers from digital wastes of space can be tough. No worries. We've sifted through the multitude of endorsements and reviews to bring you our five favorite apps for fueling success.


One of the most popular apps in the Android and Apple app stores, no list of business apps would be complete without Evernote. Ideal for meetings, this program allows you to organize your ideas, internet bookmarks and other notes from the convenience of your mobile devices. The app also features a number of add-ons, including Evernote Business, a collaboration hub designed specifically for sharing notes with team members.

Favorite feature: Presentation Mode enables teams to collaborate on clean, client-ready presentations without the hassle of creating slides in another program.


This free app allows you to snap pictures of contracts, receipts and other business documents with your phone's camera, and then instantly turn them into a digital PDF. You can give your colleagues instant access to any documents they want or need, while keeping them organized in a digital folder to ensure nothing gets lost.

Favorite feature: You can search recently created PDF's (on iPhone or iPad) by date or title.


Simplify the complexity of business travel with this digital assistant. Send your hotel, flight, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails to TripIt to generate a custom itinerary. From there you can sync travel plans with your calendar, share your itinerary with others and store travel documents all in one place.

Favorite feature: A Tripit premium account gets you access to CLEAR, a members-only benefit that gets you to your airport gate in less than 5 minutes along with membership in Hertz' #1 Club Gold, which cuts your wait for a rental car in half.


Bond sends reminders to connect with people in your professional network. Load your contacts into this app and determine how often you should reach out. Maintaining your social networks can pay huge dividends in job referrals, career advice, new business opportunities and overall reputation.

Favorite feature: Bond keeps a list of channels for connecting with your contacts (from social media to email or even phone calls) and displays this information with each contact.


No matter where you and your team members are, SalesForce1 enables you to instantly share new opportunities, manage accounts, collaborate on projects and close sales.

Favorite feature: Task organization gives you a comprehensive view of every task, and lets you create, sort, review and complete them all from your device.