Engineering Continues to See High Potential for Career Opportunities


The field of engineering is experiencing a new level of job mobility. While certain disciplines are seeing especially high growth, the overall market is improving with both improved opportunity and job availability.

Mechanical engineering a leading field

According to the Houston Chronicle, mechanical and robotics engineering is at the forefront of the industry's strengths. Citing a study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the news source found that mechanical engineering is fifth on a list of the most in-demand bachelor's degrees in the current job market, trailing only finance, computer and IT fields (which include software engineering), accounting and business administration and management fields.

The field is popular today for a few reasons. Primarily, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, the strength of mechanical engineering is due to its involvement in various manufacturing industries, namely the continued development of transportation equipment and manufacturing of machinery. Knowledge of the specific designs and systems being developed in the market is a key skill that business leaders are looking for. The innovation inherent in the industry's learning processes is also gaining momentum, as more and more companies are working to develop new robots and technologies alike. Robotics, in particular, is seeing high expansion levels not just in research, oil and gas, but in a wider scope of the manufacturing market.

Many engineering students are trained to have skillsets across a range of subjects, which the news source notes is important in a variety of professional settings. These include the more conventional areas - aerospace, automotive and manufacturing - as well as recently popular ones like medicine and nanotechnology.

Engineering jobs grow in January 

This strength in the market for mechanical engineers is also indicative of a larger trend, as engineering jobs around the country are rising early in the new calendar year. Staffing Industry reports that engineering positions increased again in January, up .13 percent from the previous year. In total, there are just under 2.5 million engineering jobs across America.

Since the same month one year ago, engineering employment has risen by about 1.61 percent, the news source stated. From January 2013 to January 2014, the industry as a whole was able to bring nearly 40,000 new positions to the field, and experts believe that's only the beginning. They noted that recent growth has been accelerating, and there's faith that January's numbers are only the beginning, leading to a stronger overall 2014 for the industry.

Market shows additional growth

According to US News and World Report, engineering jobs are seeing continual growth all around the country. Citing figured from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, subsections like mechanical engineering will likely grow by nearly 5 percent over the next year, with the one subset alone adding more than 11,000 new positions. From architecture to nanotechnology, mechanical engineers will be in demand for the upcoming future. With similar growth among a variety of other fields, engineering seems like a sure-fire bet in the current job market for those looking for a consistent field.