Need Job Searching Advice? Take It from the CEOs


No matter how successful you are in your job searching process, there's a likely chance that you could use some advice. And when it comes to advice, why not get some from the best in the game? Company CEOs got to their positions for specific reasons, and following in their footsteps can mean a lot when it comes time to find a job.

Demonstrate value
In a recent interview with Fox News, multiple CEOs gave a large amount of advice to hopeful job-seekers regarding their current prospects, and what they could do to improve them.

For instance, Steve Forbes, the chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, recommended working from the mindset of the company looking to hire you. Not only should the average applicant know something about the locations they're applying for, but they should be able to demonstrate clear value to the company about what they're bringing to the table. Not only having done the homework for the position in question, but striving to prove more about yourself, will play a big role in your next interview.

In addition, Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso mentioned that her company has started pre-interviewing its potential hires, where applicants send a few minutes of video about why they're interested in working for them. While this is not likely to become a constant in the hiring process, it's a good idea to prepare for an interview by undergoing this exercise. By building a quick pitch of your best qualities, especially those that are prevalent in the industry in question, you can be sure and confident in yourself as you start the process.

Online resources, recruiting have potential
For workers who are more concerned about their current abilities, Talkpoint CEO Nick Belletta recommended that they focus on brushing up their computer and social networking skills. Being on a website like LinkedIn can potentially connect workers with network of dozens, if not hundreds, of former colleagues and friends from a variety of different places, all of whom may have the connections to get you back in the game.

In addition, Balletta recommended not being afraid to seek out alternative forms of employment. One of the best avenues for this can be with temporary employment agencies, which are always looking for responsible and qualified workers to place into industry-specific positions in a variety of companies. Getting out into the field can provide a lot of benefits, from instilling more hope into your hiring process to bolstering your resume. It may even give you the potential to meet more people in a given field, who may know someone or somewhere that's experiencing a work shortage and needs a position filled.

Don't stop and never give up
In an interview with Entrepreneur, the founder of advertising agency MODCo, Sara Rotman, recommended that workers never allow themselves to become comfortable. Whether you're still looking for work or becoming complacent in a current role, Rotman recommended that workers ensure they remain hungry, as that pushes a person to continue fighting and scrapping to improve their positions. Otherwise, you may not be able to recognize and pounce upon new opportunities, potentially missing the boat on some chances.

In addition, said Dilbert creator Scott Adams, it's important to never give up. When Adams was first trying to break into the world of cartooning, he was given that same advice which quickly became relevant in his life. After sending out initial volleys and pitches to a variety of companies, and none of them bit, Adams almost gave up. Receiving letters from another professional cartoonist inspired Adams to keep fighting, and he eventually found his sketches reach the hands of the right person. Adams is living proof that one extra call can make a big difference.