Aerospace, aviation and automotive get all the attention when mechanical engineers are looking to build their careers. But there’s ample opportunity outside of the big three. We know this because Aerotek has placed more mechanical engineers than any other recruiting company in North America.

For example, if you’re looking to grow your career quickly, you can find the most opportunity in eight industries. Do you know if your industry is one of them?

We spoke with our recruiting experts across 13 different industries to see what you should know when plotting your next career move.

aerospace & defense

Aerospace and defense jobs are perfect for engineers looking for a stable and rewarding career that improves the safety of the nation.


Love cars? The auto industry offers racecar-fast innovation and excellent pay.


Aviation careers offer a great balance of excitement and stability.


Want to make a difference? Biotech and pharma engineers find a deep sense of purpose in their work.

chemical manufacturing

Process enthusiasts: Chemical manufacturing may bring you joy.


People who enjoy seeing the fruits of their work — and enjoy being in demand — will find lots of opportunity in construction engineering.

consumer electronics

Mechanical engineers who live and breathe technology — and love to innovate — can find an exciting career in consumer electronics.

consumer products

Just starting your career? This industry offers a chance to gain a variety of skills.


The energy and utilities industry could be for you if you enjoy job security in a field with lucrative career options.

food & beverage

Diversify your engineering skills in the expansive food and beverage industry.

heavy equipment manufacturing

Those in the heavy equipment industry create and test some of the most impressive machinery ever seen.

Industrial products

Develop the machines that drive production in the high demand industrial products industry.

Medical devices

Make a difference at work and in someone’s life with an engineering career in the medical device industry.