I'm a people person. Great customer service is my focus and my background. And my recent education in the medical field makes my job today a great fit for me.

I really like working for a healthcare management services company. My co-workers and managers are wonderful, and I enjoy working with the patients. I’m a more compassionate person and have learned to appreciate my health. It’s humbling to hear compliments from my patients about my professionalism and courtesy, and it makes my job worth it knowing I've helped someone.

I had never worked with a staffing agency before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've worked with several Aerotek recruiters and have a good relationship with them. From our first conversation, David, my recruiter, got the feel of my personality and thought I would excel at this job. He was right. I'm thankful to him for placing me at a company where I'm comfortable and where I can grow.