I have always found myself to be an analytical person, who pays attention to detail and small things others may overlook. I’ve been working as a programmer for around six years and previously as a data manager. I was not enjoying my role as the company changed their structure and I wasn’t progressing technically in the way I wanted.

I heard of Aerotek a few years ago, and when I connected with my current recruiter, Greg, he seemed to take a general interest in me as a person and not just looking for me to fill a position. He only found the jobs I wanted, based on the criteria I gave, and he helped me prepare for the interviews. 

I now work for a large multinational CRO and I am already gaining skills which I need to get me to the next step of my career. As a stats programmer, I’m involved in the creation of analysis datasets, usually to CDISC standards, and the outputs which are provided to the client at the end of the study are used to determine whether the drug is working as intended. I am getting mentored by a member of staff on the creation of figures and will also be getting the opportunity to run my own studies soon. 

Where Greg has truly stood out is how he has stayed in contact since I started the job. He asks how things are going which is different from other companies I have worked with in the past.