I was working in the NHS for five years within the pharmacy procurement sector and Terri-Anne, a consultant at Aerotek, approached me about a position to launch a pharmaceutical company. The company had a great reputation and my background fit the new role perfectly. I'd always wanted to move into the industry eventually but because of my skill set it was about finding the right position. Terri-Anne identified a role on a medical affairs team that involved procurement, pharmacy and my scientific background, which was also in a great location with a salary increase. Terri-Anne was able to articulate the company culture, core values and career progression really well, which was of great benefit to the process.

It was clear from the onset Terri-Anne really knew what she was talking about, understood the market and sold the position to me well. The reason why I stayed in contact and proceeded to move forward with Aerotek was because of the consultant that I dealt with. Terri-Anne was consistent, understanding, but tenacious, it was also really good to have one point of contact throughout the process. Once in the process I felt that I could trust Aerotek to negotiate, manage expectations and keep me updated.  

Aerotek was different, I didn't have to chase for any feedback — they were really efficient and knew what I was looking for. Terri-Anne had all my details on file and approached me when the next appropriate role came up. I am often contacted by other recruitment agencies about roles that are not suitable and completely outside my skill set so it was nice to work with Aerotek.