As a managed service provider (MSP), Aerotek brings a high level of accountability by applying proven processes to control costs, delivering effective program management and building a successful contingent workforce.

Aerotek MSP is a catalyst, not an obstacle, to streamline bringing the right talent to your organization. We provide a more efficient and streamlined process to improve visibility, mitigate contingent labor risks, control costs and measure results.

By combining dedicated program management, comprehensive technology and a strong supply base, Aerotek MSP ensures the fulfillment of your contingent labor needs and provides you with a simpler way to manage your contingent labor.

Program Management

We provide a dedicated program office to outsource the management of your entire contingent workforce program. Through a single point of contact for a consultative partnership and issue resolution, we get to know your organization and your needs in order to drive quality talent, compliance, reporting and analysis. Our program office provides insight to industry trends and best practices to ensure we are a strategic partner for your entire organization.

Adaptable Supply Base

The success of your contingent workforce program depends on the quality and on-time delivery of your workforce. As a leading recruiting and staffing provider, we know what suppliers need to be successful in an MSP program, including continuous communication, issue resolution and performance feedback. Our program office works with you to select the optimal mix of suppliers and analyze the needs of your program to form strong partnerships and ensure all suppliers are compliant with your requirements.

Vendor Management System

Technology plays an integral part in measuring your program's effectiveness and providing visibility into your contingent workforce. Through real-time, comprehensive reporting, the VMS and our program office provides you with a technology solution and analyzes critical program data to find trends and opportunities for operational program improvements.