Aerotek MSP (Managed Service Provider)

At Aerotek, we understand the increasing complexity of a contingent workforce and your need to find the right talent at the right time. As a managed service provider (MSP), Aerotek brings a high level of accountability by applying proven processes to control costs, deliver effective program management and build a successful contingent workforce.

Aerotek's MSP provides the following benefits:

  • Visibility & Reporting

    Technology adds visibility into your workforce, which enables you to better manage your staffing spend and find opportunities for program improvement. We manage the technology, providing you best practices and data to inform your program decisions. These insights help to strengthen compliance, supplier program management and workforce quality.

  • Workforce Quality & Fulfillment

    The quality of your contingent workforce can impact your bottom line. At Aerotek, we provide visibility into your staffing processes across your entire workforce-- from distribution and submittal of requisitions to a contract employee's start, performance and end date.

  • Supplier Management

    To ensure your program's success, Aerotek monitors the performance of your supplier community and ensures the quality of employees placed across multiple categories.

  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation

    Working with Aerotek, your company can mitigate risk, enforce compliance and create consistent processes. We offer workforce screening through reference and background checks, as well as skill and employment verification.

  • Cost & Value Management

    We offer experienced management of bill rates, often resulting in significant cost savings. Through our expert management of a VMS technology we facilitate workflow automation and hard cost savings through consolidated invoices, billing consistency and visibility into staffing spend.

To determine the MSP benefits that are most important to your organization, we complete a thorough evaluation of your current program. By offering varying levels of support and technology, you have the ability to choose the program components that are essential to your business success. From streamlined recruitment, supplier management, vendor on-premise and technology integration, we can successfully implement a managed service provider that addresses all of your needs.

How can we work together?

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